Frequently Asked Questions

1) How often are the pre-orders conducted?
We conduct a pre-order every month!

2) How long will it takes for me to receive my order?
You will receive your order in 2 to 3 weeks time after pre-order has closed. 
We will keep you updated through email.

3) Is shipping to other countries provided?
No, we provide shipping to and posting in Singapore ONLY.

4) How do I make payment after placing my order?
We will email you on the payment details after you sent us your order. 
Payment can be made through Internet Banking, ATM Transfer and Cash Deposit Machine.

5) Can I pay after my orders arrived in Singapore?
No, all payments must be received before closing of pre-order.
Otherwise, your order will be cancelled and we will inform you through email.

6) What are the different banks that I can make payment through?
We only accept transfers through our POSB Savings account.
We will advise you on the bank account number after you sent us your order.

7) Is refund possible if I wish to cancel my order after pre-order closed?
No, any cancellation and changes to your order must be made before pre-order closes.
We will only make refund to products that are out of stock.

8) How much is the shipping fee?
Shipping fee has already been included for every item. No extra or hidden cost!

9) How much do I have to pay for normal/registered mail?
Normal postage is provided FREE for each order. There will be an additional charge of S$2.24 for registered mail (up to 2kg of items). If the total number of items in your order exceeds 2kg, we will inform you and split into two mailings. Hence, you are required to pay another S$2.24 (a total of S$4.48) for the registered mail..

10) How do I check on the status if my order is through registered mail?
You can check the status of your registered article at
We will provide you the article number through email once we send out your order.

11) Is meetup possible?
Yes we do provide meetup at Raffles Place or Clarke Quay MRT Stations after 6pm on weekdays. 
We will email details of meetup upon receiving stocks arrived in Singapore.

12) How will my order be packaged?
All products will be bubbly wrapped and finally wrapped into a parcel using brown paper.

13) Are the products shown instock?
No, all the products shown is not instock, you have to place order for them when a pre-order opens. 
However, we do have instocks for some products, you can find out more here.

14) Are the products authentic and imported from South Korea?
Yes all the products we are selling is 100% genuine and authentic.
We have supplier in South Korea and all items come directly from South Korea.

15) Is there any discounts if I make bulk purchase?
Yes we do offer discounts if you are making bulk purchase (more than 10 quantities per item).
Please email us at for more information.