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Snail Solution Foam Cleanser
Size: 150ml
Price: S$17.00 (free normal local postage)

This premium cream-to-foam cleanser, formulated with snail secretion filtrate and (Neofinetia Falcata) Callus Culture extract, penetrates deep into pores without over-drying to gently cleanse, dissolve impurities, and purify the skin with a luminous glow.

- Gentle foam cleanser 
- Leaves skin squeaky-clean without stripping it from its moisture
- Leaves skin soft and moisturized

Apply the foam to your face, and gently massage for cleansing effect, then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Aqua Collagen Solution Marine Hydrogel Eye Patch
Size: 9g
Price: S$4.50 (free normal local postage)


- Contains marine collagen to allow your fatigued skin around eye area elastic and vital 

- Forms a moist essence film on your dehydrated eye area and improve appearance of fine wrinkles
- Provides intensive care for dark circles and eye bags
- Lightweight texture intensively nourishes skin around eye area.
Remove tray films and spread evenly the wide part from the front of eyes and narrow part from the end of eyes. Leave it on eyes for 30 - 40minutes. Remove the mask, and left the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the skin.

Super Aqua Max Deep Moisture Sleeping Pack
Size: 100ml
Price: S$16.00 (free normal local postage)

This sleeping pack continuously provides moisture and nutrition to skin while sleeping overnight. It makes skin revitalized next morning and keeps it moisturized for a long time.

Use after washing and applying toner on the night time.

Apply an appropriate amount and spread a generous layer over face, avoiding eye area.

Leave the mask while sleeping and rinse off with water the following morning.

Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Sleeping Pack
Size: 150ml
Price: S$15.00 (free normal local postage)

The sleeping pack makes skin fully moisturized overnight, with ingredients of fresh aloe vera from California.

Californian Aloe, the major component of the product, was dried at a low temperature to protect its components that are sensitive to heat.  

- Gel type sleeping pack that contains aloe flesh
- Softly covers your face and supplies moisture while sleeping
After washing face and using skin-toner in the evening, apply an appropriate amount all over your face in a massage motion, avoiding the skin around eyes and mouth.

Leave it on while sleeping. Wash off lightly with water in the next morning.

Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Mist
Size: 150ml
Price: S$9.00 (free normal local postage)

The Soothing Gel mist is a gel mist that moisturizes and protects the skin against the harmful environment. It is formulated with California CCOF-certified organic aloe, and can be used on the face, arms and legs.

- Rich moisture mist protects skin from harmful external environments 
Vitamin C, E and mineral ingredients form aloe soothes sun heated skin gently
- Leaves skin soft and moisturized
Spray onto face, arms and legs from 10~15cm away.

Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Essence
Size: 60ml
Price: S$11.00 (free normal local postage)

This hair essence is formulated to repair damaged hair due to perm, coloring and daily hair drying. Concentrated Argan Oil will make your hair shine and smooth.

It contains organic Argan oil extract, rose hip oil, prime rose oil that offer moisture and nutrition to your hair. This Argan Oil Essence is for All Hair Types.
After shampoo, towel-dry your hair and apply the essence onto entire hair. After complete dry of your hair, apply the essence again onto damaged hair for better result. Use this essence on a daily basis until your damaged hair is completely recovered. After complete recovery, use two to three times a week.

Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack
Size: 200ml
Price: S$14.00 (free normal local postage)

This hair pack contains Argan Oil 200mg. You can get moisture, nutrition and glazed hair by Rosehip and evening primrose oil extract of this. This is the best-selling hair care pack on South Korea's cosmetics market.

- Nutritional care pack that offers intensive care to damaged hair by blow dry, perm, and hair dying 
Argan oil, rosehip oil, and evening primrose oil offer moisture and nutrition
Creates healthy and sleek hair
After shampoo, apply it evenly on damaged hair. Wear a hair cap for better effect. After 5~10 min, wash it off with lukewarm well. It's recommended to use once or twice a week.