Spree is now closed! All the orders has been placed. Please wait patiently and I will update you on the status of your orders.

We are planning to open the next spree in around 4th to 10th August! For now till then, please take part in the voting for your next most wanted spree. =)

Your votes is important to us as we will consider which spree to open based on the votes. For other brands not stated in the poll, please email us to let us know which brands you are interested in. We need to reach a minimum number of orders with our supplier, when there is a high demand in a certain brand we will try to open a spree for it.

Note: We was just informed by our supplier that there will be price increment for the products. Hence there will be an increase in pricing for the next spree (around 10% to 15% increment). However we will try to absorb as much as we can to provide the lowest price possible.

Please email us your feedback or any comments. We would like to hear from you, help us to stay competitive. =)